3 Reasons To Hire An Airport Car Service To Get You To The Airport


If you have a business trip coming up, you are likely doing a lot of planning for your presentation or meetings One additional thing you might be worrying about is the logistics of your hotel booking and transportation, not to mention making sure you get to the airport on time. To that end, if you'd like one less thing to worry about, perhaps you should consider making an airport car service reservation to help you get to the airport.

13 March 2017

Things To Consider When You Need Taxi Service In A Small City


If you're ever in need of a taxi service in a mid-size town or small city, you may find the available services to be quite different from what you're accustomed to in an urban area. It may seem startling to realize you can't just hail a cab from numerous intersections and that you might not be the only passenger when you do get a ride. Owners of cab companies in these settings have much lower demand for the service than do their counterparts in metro areas, and they come up with strategies to be profitable.

26 November 2014

New Owner Operators Must Know The Numbers


If you are getting ready to purchase your first truck and become an owner operator, it is most likely because you have a love of trucking. You love the wide open road, and love driving, but most importantly, you see this job as a way to make money. Unfortunately, once you purchase your own truck making money is not as easy as it looks. The only way to know whether or not you are making money is to know your numbers.

16 October 2014

All Hail The Future Of The Taxi Cab: 3 Things You Might Be Able To Look Forward To


If you could take your average taxicab from a place like LAX Car Service and transform it to accommodate your every wish, what types of features would it have? Fortunately, auto manufacturers have wondered the same thing. Here are three luxuries that you might be able to find in the taxicabs of the future, so that you can remain comfortable during your commute. 1: Interactive Touch Screens Although taxis can deliver you safely to your destination, the fact of the matter is that cab rides can be boring for people of all ages.

10 October 2014

Why Every Cab Driver Should Learn First Aid And CPR


If you're a cab driver who guarantees to get your passengers to and from their destinations in five heart-stopping minutes flat, then you need to take First Aid and CPR courses. More than 700,000 people experience heart attacks each year. In most of these cases, the victims don't even know they have a heart problem in the first place. If those clients experience a heart attack in your taxi, you'll need to have the life-saving skills to help them.

18 September 2014